Introduction to the New ETA2KwangHwa Apps for Front Main Gate Drive-Through (Evening).

A new ETA2KwangHwa app is ready for installation and pilot run will start from 6/May/2019 for main gate drive-through in the evening only.

This is a simple 3 step process to assist efficient school dismissal at front main gate drive-through. Please refer to snapshots for installation instructions and usage steps.

Installation file:
For iOS:

For Android:


  1. During the pilot run phase, the app is only used for evening dismissal time at the main gate.
  2. We strongly encourage utilization of this apps to expedite car movement during pickup. However, parents and guardians can still drive-through to pick up their children without the apps.
  3. For any issue, kindly email to [email protected] or post your question in PIBG Facebook