Collection Time: 21/Jul/2020, Tuesday, 4pm – 6pm

Venue: Drive Through

Who: 2nd & 3rd batch order, Std 1 – 4 only

How: Get your collection number from below links, inform person-in-charge your collection number + full student name. For a smooth flow, prepare exact amount of money (RM4.70/box) and no change is provided.


2nd & 3rd batch name list and collection number:


a) The stock was received today. This 3rd collection is specially arranged so that parent has time to label it prior to 22/Jul/2020.

b) Only names show in the list will be distributed with the lunch box. Any question, please email [email protected]

c) Remaining orders will be delivered when next batch of stock is received (4th batch order, which will be the last order).