School-wide Pilot Run Of ETA2KwangHwa App For Drive-Through At Front Main Gate

As a continuation effort to smoothen traffic during school peak hour, ETA2KwangHwa app is now ready for school-wide pilot run.

The school-wide pilot run will start from 22/Nov/2021 for main gate drive-through in both afternoon and evening dismissal sessions. 

This is a simple 3 step process to enable efficient school dismissal for drive-through. Please refer to following pictures for complete process.

Installation file:


  1. During the pilot run phase, the app is only used for drive-through at the main gate.
  2. We encourage all drive-through parents/guardians to participate in this pilot run to get familiarized with the process and help us to evaluate system stability for future enhancement.
  3. For any issue, kindly email to [email protected]