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  • 2016 Temasya Sukan Tahunan

    槟城双溪里蒙光华小学第二十三届常年运动会仪式 日期:22/5/2016 时间 8:00 a.m. – 运动员绕场暨检阅仪式 −董事长蔡春民先生、家协主席王连财先生、 – 校友会主席陈麒光先生、陈冰心校长检阅 −董事长蔡春民先生致欢迎词 − 家协主席王连财先生致词 −校友会主席陈麒光先生致词 − 运动员宣誓 −董事长蔡春民先生主持开幕仪式 运动项目 Bil. 时间 项目 年级 L/P 1 7:30 a.m. 200M 4 P 2 7:35 a.m. 200M 4 L...

  • Dialogue with YB Sim about Penang LRT

    In view of the recent LRT proposal from the state government which will affect 3 schools around SG Nibong, involving over 4000 students, we have successfully invited YB Sim to the school on 15/Apr/2016 to...

  • Parents Day

    Date: 16/Apr/2016 (Saturday) Time: 8am – 12pm Venue: – Respective classroom (To meet with class teacher) – School hall (To meet with respective language subject’s teacher, if needed)


Latest News

  • UPSR Class Closing Schedule

    2016 UPSR Class Closing Schedule 日期 / Closing Date 1年级 / Standard 1 2年级 / Standard 2 3年级 / Standard 3 4年级 / Standard 4 5年级 / Standard 5 1-Sept-2016 (星期四) / Thursday 停课 /...

  • 2017 Std 1 New Student Confirmation

    2017 standard 1 student name list is ready now. Parent may check the status through school website by using student’s MyKid#. For detail and process, kindly please refer to Note: The official letter is...

  • Tinjauan Lembaga Peperiksaan

    Assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Mohon bantuan tuan/puan untuk mengisi soal selidik oleh Lembaga Peperiksaan mengenai bahan yang boleh dibawa masuk ke dewan peperiksaan.