Collection Time: 13/Jul/2020, Monday, 9am – 11am

Venue: Drive Through

Who: Parent who missed the 1st collection day & 2nd/3rd batch of Std 5 & Std 6 students

How: Get your collection number from below links, inform person-in-charge your collection number + full student name. For a smooth flow, prepare exact amount of money (RM4.70/box) and no change is provided.


a) 1st batch –

b) 2nd batch name list and collection number:


a) Priority is given to Std 5 and Std 6. Due to limited stock, the name list is selected based on first come first serve basis (order time captured by system)

b) Only names show in the list will be distributed with the lunch box. Any question, please email [email protected]

c) Remaining orders will be delivered when school opens due to longer delivery time by supplier and short of manpower.