Here is the full lunch box order name list and collection time,

If your collection time is 8/Jul/2020 or 13/Jul/2020, then please refer to for collection steps.

If your order is not in the list or order didn’t match your expectation, then it could be due to:

  1. You selected “No – I don’t agree to pay” in the order.
  2. You submitted multiple orders, only the last submission will be processed.
  3. You edited your order after we placed order to supplier. (The one submitted to supplier will be used)
  4. You didn’t submit the form correctly (all successfully order will receive email notification from “Google Forms” with title: “2020 Lunch Box Order”, unless you provided an incorrect email).
  5. You filled up the form incorrectly, e.g. 2 children in the same form (it should be 1 form per child).
  6. You provided confusing info, e.g. putting phone #, home address as student name or class.

All online order is closed now. For children without recommended lunch box, parents may opt to buy disposal container from canteen vendors (RM0.50 per box) or temporarily use your own lunch box (reference size: Length: 215mm x Width: 185mm x Height: 65mm).

To ease food preparation, distribution and safety, it’s highly recommended to use same size of lunch box as stated above.