Dear parents,
Last week was a hectic one, particularly for Std 1 and Std 2 students & parents.

While we welcomed Std 1 students & parents to join Kwang Hwa big family, it’s also understood that all parents do face challenges in adapting to the new norm in schooling.

Since the announcement of school open dates, the school and teachers have spent hours and days to prepare and get ready for the school open.

Not to mention all the brainstorming sessions by school on safety measure, school start /dismiss flow, canteen food order and delivery, communication, helping new std 1 kids in new environment, etc.

All these are meant to build and create a safe and conducive learning environment for our beloved kids as well as helping you to adapt to new life style.

Through last week, we have learnt a lot and gratefully, almost every day in last week, we did find a better way and new idea to handle those situations.

We’re excited to give those new ideas a try at soonest time so that we can quickly identify the most practical solution before everyone is back to school next week.

Undoubtedly, we are still in check-rectify phase and hence, frequent change is likely to happen until the situation gets stabilzed.

We apologise for any inconvenience but changes will be reduced over the time.

Next week, we are anticipating much higher challenges as all kids will be back to school and the traffic would be about 3X more at noon.

As such, we seek for your patience, understanding as well as cooperation, do stay with us & other school’s community to go thru this cycle.

Please do spend some time to read thru and internalised all the guidelines and memo that have been sending by school via Google Classroom or this Aixin Broadcast Service. Those are very informative stuff to help you for a better preparation.

You could also receive frequent updates during this period of time, so please do bear with us for over-communication and help us to share the info with other Kwang Hwa parents.

If you have any feedback or inputs, please do feel free to reach out to us.

Stay safe, healthy and see you all next week!

Chairman of PIBG