Dear Parents,

It’s brought to our attention of unpleasant experience among parents from both schools over traffic concern, especially during school peak hours.

A meeting with police on the matter had been carried out in 2019, which concluded every school to use respective main gate as the recommended gate.

The recommendation allows a centralised traffic flow per respective school’s time table, more standardised traffic control measure by school, avoid misunderstanding between both school’s parents, more effective traffic monitoring & control by Aixin Parent and more efficiently manage our very valuable Aixin Parent resource.

We’ve discussed with our counterparts, Shih Chung Aixin Parent and both come to an agreement to put the recommendation into action starting from 8/Mar/2021.

The agreement does bring an immediate benefit where both school’s Aixin Parent can only focus on respective main gate and decide what is the most optimum measure according to respective Aixin Parent’s decision.

Rest assured that rear gate is still opened for those really need it but we seek your cooperation to follow any instruction from Shih Chung Aixin Parent, they do have our full support on all their safety measures/decision at KH rear gate.

We will work closely with Shih Chung Aixin Parent to ensure a sustainable and successful long term partnership.

As long as everyone follows the traffic rule, we don’t foresee this implementation will bring any negative impact to our parents.

Instead, we welcome this positive move and believe it will help majority of the parents for a more pleasant and predictable schooling experience.


Best regards,
PIBG of Kwang Hwa School